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Hello everyone! For those of you who are still subscribed to Sega Does feed or via e-mail, I’ve transferred Sega Does over to a new host site and have just re-launched the site today! It’s still, but with a new look and fresh content.

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5 Ways the Dreamcast Could Have Survived


Many thanks to James Swift for peering into this alternate timeline!


When it comes to home console gaming, there’s no greater “what might have been” story than the Sega Dreamcast. Despite only being around for two and a half years, the system remains one of the most beloved of all-time, having given us scores upon scores of classic games. Of course, fate just wasn’t on Sega’s side. The high toll of failures past and the looming shadow of the PS2 eventually forced Sega out of the hardware market altogether.

Even now hardcore gamers wonder what amazing games awaited us had the Dreamcast chugged along for a couple more years. Streets of Rage 4? A three-dimensional take on Gunstar Heroes? A mascot brawler a’la Super Smash Bros. featuring Sonic, Ryo Hazuki and those pips from Jet Grind Radio?

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